Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yarn Braids and Washing Day

It's been nearly 3 weeks since I put in the braids and it was definitely wash day. Itchy scalp, flakes and the front looked ridiculously fuzzy. So I came up with a game plan and it involved, . . .
I never tried dry shampoo and quite frankly I always thought it was for straighter hair women. When I read the back of this one it didn't need to be brushed out but rubbed in plus it was $3.00 (good ol' Suave) so I figured why not, worst case scenario I would just wash it out. 

So I took out the front of my hair to re-braid it, proceeded to shampoo and condition. 

Afterwards I re braided the front and proceeded to take care of the rest of my hair, this was the dry shampoo test. So I sprayed my scalp in between the braids and rubbed in with my fingers like the bottle instructed me too. I realized that the powder that came from the bottle left a white residue but the itching immediately stopped. To combat the white residue I sprayed my "love potion" (a mix of water, glycerin & aloe vera juice) over it and rubbed that in and it went away. And the braids looked and felt fresh as ever.
(P.S. Normally I would wash the braids but I just didn't have the patience to wring out the braids and wait 2 days for it to dry.)