Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Monday: Asa ("Asha")

Asa (pronounced "Asha) is a Nigerian-French singer songwriter. The name Asa means hawk. Her music has a touch of soul, rock and blues all wrapped into one. She has now released her second studio album, "Beautiful Imperfection". The name, she says, derived from an interview when she was asked to describe her life.

'Well, its really beautiful- but at the same time it's IMPERFECT!... And what I realized from that is that I actually LIKE the imperfection! I like the little surprises that life gives you because I feel it HUMBLES you and makes you THINK!"

Very, very true. Check her out I loved her from the first song I heard, got the album but have yet to listen to it. Yet, theres no doubt in my mind that I will love it when I do. 

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