Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Monday: Asa ("Asha")

Asa (pronounced "Asha) is a Nigerian-French singer songwriter. The name Asa means hawk. Her music has a touch of soul, rock and blues all wrapped into one. She has now released her second studio album, "Beautiful Imperfection". The name, she says, derived from an interview when she was asked to describe her life.

'Well, its really beautiful- but at the same time it's IMPERFECT!... And what I realized from that is that I actually LIKE the imperfection! I like the little surprises that life gives you because I feel it HUMBLES you and makes you THINK!"

Very, very true. Check her out I loved her from the first song I heard, got the album but have yet to listen to it. Yet, theres no doubt in my mind that I will love it when I do. 

  1. ^ "Asa interview by Pete Lewis, 'Blues & Soul' April 2011". Retrieved 1 May 2011.

Quote of the day!

I ran into a kid that was in a summer class I dropped this past summer. He was wondering what happened to me and if everything was going alright. We talked for a while and he said a lot of things that were motivational, pretty much everything I needed to hear at the time. One thing he said stuck with me and I now say it to myself multiple times a day:

"It's only hard because you haven't done it before."

With that in mind I just took my first chem exam and I have to say I feel pretty good about it. :)

Have an amazing day!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today's Inspiration

I was never a huge Beyonce fan but this video touched me in a way. I feel that no matter how much you have, as humans, we have this instinct, or desire to want more. I can feel the motivation and drive just oozing from her pores as she speaks.

Those people we look at and wish we were or could be like work hard to get where they are and if you want it bad enough you can get there too, you just have to find that drive within to give you that push.

I can't post the video here but the link is below, check it out; it was the thing I needed to get me through today.

Beyonce- Year of 4

Friday, September 16, 2011

Real Life

I'm sitting here and I'm supposed to be studying but I have a chip on my shoulder that I need to share. I tried to do it in the form of a video but for some reason it wont upload so I have to write it out, which isn't so bad. Anyway, I was going through blogs and videos, getting my internet "fix".
I have always felt so lost, confused and unsure about blogging. I don't know how and if other people feel that way. I was just sitting here watching videos on makeup, thrifting, clothes, hair, etc, etc, etc and I always wanted to do those things I saw. I soon realized that it's not ME. I honestly don't have money to spend on these things as much as I would like to. I am a full time student I work part time and I have a household to maintain. My parents don't help out, I don't live on campus and I have other people that I am responsible for. My hair, makeup, clothes and nails aren't the things that will get me through the day.


That is what I want my blog to convey. I don't know how I am going to go about things but I want this page to be a one stop shop for love and inspiration.

It's time for a change :o)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yarn Braids and Washing Day

It's been nearly 3 weeks since I put in the braids and it was definitely wash day. Itchy scalp, flakes and the front looked ridiculously fuzzy. So I came up with a game plan and it involved, . . .
I never tried dry shampoo and quite frankly I always thought it was for straighter hair women. When I read the back of this one it didn't need to be brushed out but rubbed in plus it was $3.00 (good ol' Suave) so I figured why not, worst case scenario I would just wash it out. 

So I took out the front of my hair to re-braid it, proceeded to shampoo and condition. 

Afterwards I re braided the front and proceeded to take care of the rest of my hair, this was the dry shampoo test. So I sprayed my scalp in between the braids and rubbed in with my fingers like the bottle instructed me too. I realized that the powder that came from the bottle left a white residue but the itching immediately stopped. To combat the white residue I sprayed my "love potion" (a mix of water, glycerin & aloe vera juice) over it and rubbed that in and it went away. And the braids looked and felt fresh as ever.
(P.S. Normally I would wash the braids but I just didn't have the patience to wring out the braids and wait 2 days for it to dry.)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Samuel Larsen- Jolene

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, . . . JJOOOLLLLEEEEENNNNEEE!

This song rings through my head all day of everyday. It recently began to slow sown to about half of everyday. I believe the original song was done by Dolly Parton but of course I prefer this cover. The song is being performed by Samuel Larsen, winner of the Glee Project (L to the forehead!). Either way I was sucked in either by his hottness, dreads or awesome guitar skills. Please take a moment of your day and listen to the "cool" that oozes from dude! (<- that rhymed, yay me!)